STRICH was developed by Alex Suzuki and is marketed by Pixelverse, which is fully owned by Alex.

Alex has many years of experience implementing scanning solutions for customers around the world, which he built through his previous company Classy Code, both by using commercial libraries from vendors like Scandit, and also open source libraries like ZXing and Quagga.

He perceived a gap between high-end libraries costing tens of thousands of dollars, which are overkill and too expensive for many SMEs, and open source libraries which suffered from limitations that lowered read rates and were poorly maintained and with limited support options.

Having written both native apps for iOS and Android as well as web apps, he also strongly believes that the future for line of business apps running on smartphones lies strictly in the web. Browser apps are gaining new capabilities, while native app development and distribution is becoming more complex, expensive and risky.

Alex holds an MSc. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and is passionate about software and all things visual.