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Questions regarding the core product and subscription

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STRICH is a JavaScript SDK (software development kit) which enables mobile web apps to scan 1D/2D barcodes using the smartphone's camera. It allows you to perform your business scanning workflows inside in web apps running in your smartphone's web browser.
STRICH relies only on built-in browser technologies, and has zero dependencies of its own. This makes it very easy to integrate into existing apps and compatible with all web frameworks.

STRICH is German for stroke: [ʃtrɪç]

Here's how you pronounce it:

You can simply try out our demo app, which is of course built using STRICH SDK. If the demo app can scan your barcodes, then so will your app.
Yes, updates are included in your subscription. We encourage you to always update to the most recent SDK version to profit from new features, bugfixes and performance improvements.
No, there are no limits with regard to the number of devices. Usage-based licenses are billed based on the number of scans, regardless of the number of devices. It is actually technically impossible to accurately track devices, as browser privacy mechanisms explicitly prevent uniquely identifying a device.
Currently exporting data is not supported, but we are working on it. Check back soon.
On iOS versions prior to iOS 13, this was a limitation of Safari. Starting with iOS 13 it is now possible to disable the prompt on a per-website basis. Please refer to this link for further details. Unfortunately, for installed apps (PWA), there is currently no workaround.


Questions relating to billing and subscription payments

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The trial period is free. You will not be billed for the duration of the trial. Your subscription will not convert into a paid subscription if you cancel it before the trial ends. The reason we ask for a credit card is to validate your legitimate interest in our product and prevent abuse of trial licenses.
We will gently nudge you towards a higher subscription plan. We won't reject new scans.

If your scans exceed your subscription plan's limit for two consecutive months, we will contact you to upgrade to a higher plan the following month. You will have two weeks to make a decision. You can decide to continue with a higher plan or to cancel your account at that point.
Your license keys remain valid until the end of the period for which you have been billed. So for instance if you are on a monthly plan, and cancel in the middle of the month, your license keys will remain valid until the end of the month.
Paddle is our Merchant of Record. We decided early on to focus 100% on our core product and outsource distribution, billing and tax compliance to an external partner. We prefer to create the best scanning experience possible instead of dealing with all the thorny issues around global sales taxes, pro-rated subscriptions and storing your sensitive payment data.
Paddle, our Merchant of Record, supports many countries, check their list of supported countries.


Questions relating to user and data privacy

2 Answers

Data is transmitted by the SDK to our servers for two reasons:

  • License verification
  • Usage tracking

During license verification the SDK transmits (in addition to the key itself) a number of non-identifying characteristics of the client, such as the operating system (e.g. Android), browser (e.g. Chrome 109), the origin URL (for scope verification) and the SDK version used.

For usage tracking purposes, the SDK periodically transmits the number of scans and the types of barcodes that were scanned. The values encoded in the barcodes are not sent.

All data is protected during transit via industry-standard TLS connections. Browser vendors work hard to prevent leaking personal or device-identifying data, so even if we wanted your data (which we do not), it would be difficult if not impossible to get.

The SDK does not transmit any data to third parties.

Completely offline operation, with the SDK sending absolutely nothing via the internet, is available for Enterprise licenses. Please contact us directly at if you're interested in this capability.