Medical Logistics

Schedule2.IT narcotics tracking

Schedule2.IT ("S2") is an innovative narcotics tracking software product. The software uses the latest technologies in GS1 barcode scanning, fingerprint biometrics, and direct data interfaces to the Food and Drug Administration narcotics database so that EMS agencies throughout the United States achieve 100% confidence that all their narcotic inventories are always correct.

Recently, the S2 development team was able to incorporate STRICH into the mobile component of our product to significantly increase the efficiency of Paramedics and EMTs out in the field. The synergy is simplistic and elegant.

Thanks to the easy-to-incorporate STRICH library, the S2 development team has given paramedics and EMTs the ability to utilize their cellular devices to scan GS1 bar codes directly from their cellular phones during shift changes. The GS1 bar code seals are attached to small boxes that contain life-saving narcotics for patients.

If the GS1 bar code zip tie seal remains unbroken, then the oncoming shift Paramedics know that the narcotics box has remained unopened. In this daily scenario, the Paramedic, using their cellular device, quickly and effortlessly scans the bar code on the seal and the STRICH library, in combination with new S2 user interface features instantly reduces the amount of time required to perform a "shift change" from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. To say that Paramedics love this new feature is an understatement.

To see the shift change in action, check out the training video on Vimeo.

Below is a screenshot of how STRICH has been incorporated into the Schedule2 Narcotics Tracking mobile component. The flight paramedics in Dare, North Carolina, loved the mobile phone GS1 bar code scanning feature so much that they chose to utilize it in their helicopter flights.

Screenshot of Schedule2 narcotics tracking mobile solution
Dare county medical helicopter

STRICH, in combination with the Schedule 2 narcotics tracking software is significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of Emergency Medical Services throughout the United States.

Marc Paul, CEO