Travel Logistics

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is the national railway company of Switzerland. It is currently the largest rail and transport company of Switzerland, and serves around one million passengers every day.

As part of SBB’s service offering, customers have the possibility to book door-to-door luggage services. SBB and its partners can pick up luggage at the customer’s home or receive it at the points of sale (POS), where it is scanned.

SBB Baggage App Icon

At the point of sale, baggage tracking is done by scanning baggage tags with a Progressive Web App (PWA) that is powered by the STRICH SDK.

The app is implemented using the Angular framework and uses the SBB Angular Component library. A web-based solution was chosen for its ease of distribution, cost-effectiveness and near-native user experience.

The app scans Code 128 barcodes and synchronises directly with the central information system.

"Migrating our app from QuaggaJS to STRICH was a painless experience and done in under a day. The performance of our app has improved, and the number of malfunctioning devices and support requests have decreased. Overall I can highly recommend STRICH to anyone looking for a cost-effective and reliable web-based barcode scanning solution."

Conradin Lietha, Project Manager, SBB

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