Entertainment Ticketing


Kaufleuten is Zurich's premier cultural and nightlife institution. Its world-class program attracts thousands of guests every day.

Kaufleuten uses a custom ticketing solution developed by required, a well-known digital agency. Event tickets are scanned at the entrance using a web app running on a smartphone. See required‘s in-depth write-up of their work for Kaufleuten for more details on their solution and why they chose STRICH.

Using a web-based solution to scan event tickets has several advantages for Kaufleuten:

  • No app needs to be installed on the smartphones, which are often personal devices owned by the ticketing personnel (BYOD).
  • Updates to the app are easy and instant, as there is no costly and lengthy App Store distribution process involved.
  • Web apps are more accessible and cost-efficient to develop than native apps. Instead of relying on specialized, expensive native iOS and Android developers, existing web development resources can be leveraged.
  • A single code base simplifies maintenance and future development.


Kaufleuten Scanner Screenshot 1
Kaufleuten Scanner Screenshot 2