Fintech CRM – Fintech CRM ("Bold") is a Colombian technology company working to enable financial access to electronic payments in Colombia. It is dedicated to boosting the local economy and promoting high-impact businesses that promote the development of the country.

Bold uses barcode scanning and the STRICH SDK in its in-house CRM software, where the commercial sales force can associate serial numbers of devices to customer sales and deliveries.

Using a web app to scan barcodes allowed Bold to build a cost-effective solution, leveraging their internal web development resources and tightly couple the barcode scanning with their CRM system.

For Bold, the advantages of using STRICH are the speed and accuracy with which barcodes are read. Below are screenshots showing how STRICH has been integrated into Bold‘s CRM web app.

Screenshot of CRM app
Screenshot of CRM app
Screenshot of CRM app

Portrait of Alejandra Urrego Tabares, Product Manager at Bold “STRICH is a simple, friendly and quick solution to implement.”

Alejandra Urrego Tabares
Product Manager @