Supported barcode types

The list of barcode types supported by STRICH

1D Barcodes

1D or linear barcodes are what is commonly known as a "barcode". They consist of vertical bars of varying widths with varying space between the bars, as well as start and end patterns and a quiet zone, an area that must remain blank for the code to be detected. 1D barcodes are decoded by running scanlines and decoding the bar widths.

Structure of 1D barcode

The following types of 1D barcodes are supported by STRICH.

Sample Name Applications
Code 128 Code 128 Most popular barcode type in industry (outside retail). Shipping labels, packaging, item tracking, parcel tracking
EAN-13 EAN/UPC Retail (product identification), book codes (ISBN)
Code 39 Code 39 Inventory, item tracking. Does not have a check digit.
Code 93 Code 93 Postage, industrial applications
Interleaved 2-of-5 ITF (interleaved two-of-five) Logistics, item tracking
Databar Databar
(except Limited variant)
Retail, coupons
Codabar Codabar Fedex airbills, libraries
2D Matrix Codes

2D matrix codes, as their name implies, can not simply be read by scanning them in one dimension, they contain information in both dimensions and commonly require imaging hardware to be read. Matrix codes are typically square or rectangular in shape, and contain so-called finder patterns, geometric structures that allow them to be precisely located in an image.

Structure of 2D matrix code

Matrix codes usually have much larger capacity than 1D barcodes, and much stronger integrity protection through the use of sophisticated error correction schemes such as Reed-Solomon codes.

The following types of 2D matrix codes are supported by STRICH:

Sample Name Specification Applications
QR Code QR Code ISO/IEC 18004 Mobile ticketing, mobile payment, loyalty programs, linking
QR Code Data Matrix ISO/IEC 16022 Item marking, product information, document identification
QR Code Aztec Code ISO/IEC 24778 Transportation (train tickets, boarding passes), document identification
PDF417 PDF417 ISO/IEC 15438 New in version 1.3.0
Transport (boarding passes), ticketing, identification (e.g. US driver licenses)
Tutorial: Scanning US Driver's Licenses
Coming soon

We are aware that not all popular code types are supported yet. STRICH is under active development and we will be adding more types as we go along. The barcode types listed in the table below are on the roadmap. Contact us if you'd like to see a certain code, then we maybe be able to expedite development.

Sample Name Specification Applications
MicroQR MicroQR ISO/IEC 18004 Labelling of small items